Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Even Americans are Excited about Olympic Hockey!!

Yes yes... Even in the US -where Hockey is the equivalent of bowling in terms of popularity, they are excited about this year's Olympic Hockey tournament!

Olympic hockey tournament could be incredible


"VANCOUVER, British Columbia - Part of it is because of the host country. Hockey-mad Canada has been counting down to this moment since Vancouver was awarded the 2010 Winter Olympics.

Another part is the talent involved. Hockey has a crop of superstars—topped by Alex Ovechkin and Sidney Crosby—as good and deep as any in history.

And now they'll be representing their countries when the men's Olympic play starts today, the beginning of what could become the best hockey tournament ever staged."
With this year's group of allstars spanning across all countries, I'm not surprised that even our friends down south are expecting some incredible hockey.

Anyway, I'm ready for tonight's game against Norway. Are you?



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