Saturday, February 6, 2010

Big Bang Theory - without the laughs..

Have you ever been watching a TV show comedy, and noticed how the studio audience is laughing at stuff that isn't truly funny?

And then you realize that it's all just manipulated laughter that isn't really true, and moreso involves either "fake" laughter generated using a computer or laugh lights indicating when the audience is suppose to laugh..

I remember thinking that I hated being told when to laugh... That was until I saw one of my current favorite TV Shows, Big Bang Theory without the "Laugh Track".  Take a look:

Suddenly after watching it that way, I almost feel that when I'm laughing, it may not be the right time to laugh. Or when I'm not laughing, maybe I'm missing the joke or something..

Either way, it just felt weird without the Laugh Track... Don't you think?

Anyway, I just thought that was interesting..


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