Friday, February 12, 2010

Rocco Rossi knows how to deal with the TTC!

Now, I'm still trying to figure this guy out, but at least he has the right idea about what to do with the TTC! (And that wins big points in my book!)

Rocco Rossi says the system is in crisis and needs wholesale reform.


"Rossi told the Star on Thursday that the “transit mayor’s” vision of the TTC as a fantastic service being improved by Giambrone is proof that Miller is “living in some kind of alternate universe.”

[He] said Miller is out of touch with commuters’ experiences. He cited mismanagement, including December’s token shortage, a recent groundswell of customer service complaints and big cost overruns for projects including the St. Clair streetcar right-of-way.

Rossi would kick all politicians off the TTC board and replace them with “people with a strong management background who can push and oversee TTC management in a way that they’ve not seen in a very long time.”

“The TTC’s problems are huge and (Miller) is living in some kind of alternative universe with taxpayers footing the bill,” he said."
Good for you Rocco!

It almost sounds like somebody's been reading a certain someone's blog... eh? Eh, Rocco? ;)


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