Sunday, February 7, 2010

Leafs whip Sens! Giguere on Fire!!

Not that I want to get my hopes up, but it's been sooooooooo long since we've had a solid goaltender, that finally now I'm truly starting to feel like the Leafs can only get better going forward.

Gigeure got his 2nd shutout in his 2nd game with the Leafs!  What more can you ask for from a Goalie (hint hint Raycroft & Toskala)??

Not since Eddie The Eagle (minus his last couple of seasons) have I felt this secure with our goaltending. 

Now, I know that he's old, and we can't expect him to be our anchor for longer than the next couple/few years, but, just knowing that we have someone who can make that 2nd save, who won't bumble the puck, who won't let in every shot that's above his waist... oh, it's a great feeling!

Here's the story:

Leafs end Senators streak with 5-0 victory
Team honours GM Burke with devastating win over Sens to end their 11 game streak


"Without many memorable evenings this season, the Leafs certainly forged something of a statement night in blanking the powerful Senators 5-0.

Goalie J.S. Giguere became the first goalie in Leafs history to post shutouts in his first two starts as a Leaf."
Yes yes, Jiggy shined, and so did "The Wolverine" Phaneuf (as my buddy referred to him), towering over everyone out there and making his presence felt! That trade is looking better and better everyday!

Aside from the happiness of having a solid goalie again, I can't leave out the other great happiness that I got from this victory.. Destroying the Ottawa Senators and their lovely little streak that they had going!!  :)

Oh, it was so great being the "spoilers" of the Ottawa Sens Success once again!

It brought back such great memories, such as that one of my favorite Leaf of all time, Darcy Tucker, jumping into the Ottawa Bench and fighting their entire team... Do you remember that one?

Oh what great times..

Wow, I'm starting to feel the blue and white in me coming back alive..

My worst fear however is that it's gonna be another one of those times where the Leafs win and win and win until we feel they really have a shot at the playoffs, and then they fall short by 1 win.. I'm sure all Leafs fans know that heart-break far too well..

Anyway, compared to how we were pre-Phaneuf-Giguere-trade, I'll take anything at this point..



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