Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Toronto Budget: Families Pay More while TTC Commissioners Keep their Perks??!!!

Mayor Miller truly has shown his worthiness for "King of the Douchebags" with this latest Toronto budget...

Aside from his raising property taxes and user fees on everything related to the city across-the-board, he is also going after the children and families in this budget.

But hey, that hasn't stopped him from allowing the TTC Commissioners to keep their perks... We wouldn't want to upset them...

Cash-strapped city jacks user fees

"This year, a 12-week adult aquatics pass will increase from $186 to $192, and the city will start charging a drop-in pool fee of $1 for children, $2 for adults, and $5 for a family.

Kids camps offered by the city will increase from $81 to $89, and the average on-street parking permit will jump from $143 to $157.

Also, first-time users of the city’s parks and recreation programs will have to start paying a $50 fee as of May 1 to start up an account with the parks and recreation department."
Now, if that isn't enough to upset Torontonians, we now hear that even though he wants to take money away from the children and their parents, he still wants to allow for the TTC Commissioners to keep their perks, like travelling for Transit Conferences (even though based on the current state of the TTC, we've seen how useful these expenditures truly are)??!!

Toronto Councillors keep perks

"First, staffers are sleeping on the job and, now, the Toronto Transit Commission somehow has money in the budget for politicians to go travelling.

At least you know your parking tickets -- and your giant tax bill -- are paying for something.

"The 2010 operating budget includes a provision of $30,000 to cover registration, travel and accommodation expenses for commissioners to attend Canadian Urban Transit Association and American Public Transportation Association conferences to be held during 2010," TTC general secretary Vincent Rodo writes in a Jan. 8 document.

In receipt of the opportunity are TTC Chairman Adam Giambrone, Vice-chairman Joe Mihevc and fellow city councillors Maria Augimeri, Sandra Bussin, Suzan Hall, Peter Milczyn, Ron Moeser, Anthony Perruzza and Bill Saundercook.

San Antonio is a nice place to visit in the fall -- especially when taxpayers are paying for it."
Absolutely Disgusting!!

Especially after all of the controversy surrounding the TTC, Mayor Miller continues to show that he's completely out of touch with the population of Toronto, and that frankly, he just doesn't give a damn about us...

Defenders of Mayor Miller -the king douchebag himself- should be ashamed of themselves, and their hero.. He's a disgrace, and the entire city is counting the days until he's gone.


PS: Usually I don't agree with Joe Warmington (columnist from the Toronto Sun), as he is a racist son-of-a-bitch (a long story I'll tell you about later), but it looks like Don Peat (his co-author on the story) has him on the right track with this one..

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