Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Canadian Immigration Judge Steve Ellis Blackmails Refugees for Sex...

If Kim and her boyfriend didn't record (via video and audio) the blackmail for sex attempt by a former Toronto City Councillor and now Immigration Judge, would anyone have believed her??? That's the question that I wonder about...

Here's the story:

Refugee board judge sought sex, court told
Taped exchange to be played in court at trial of councillor turned immigration judge


"He was a former Toronto councillor turned immigration judge and she was a Korean refugee claimant.

"You know if we do things on the side, that's okay. Don't worry, I'm not going to be demanding. I'm not going to ask you to move in with me or anything like that," Lynda Trefler quoted Ellis as saying.

The meeting at a Starbucks patio on Bloor St. near Bathurst St. was also covertly videotaped from a distance by Ji Hye Kim's then-boyfriend and now husband, Brad Tripp, Trefler said.

During the conversation, Trefler alleged, Ellis told her he could give a positive decision on her refugee claim "in exchange for an intimate relationship with her."

After he made the proposition, he warned her that their meeting must be kept secret, Trefler said.

"He warned Ms Kim that if she would tell her boyfriend about their meeting Steve Ellis would be in trouble and she would lose her status.""
After doing some further digging, I found this article from when the story first broke:

IRB judge offers refugee claimant visa for affair


"Brad Tripp, her boyfriend, said: "We knew the only thing to do was to record this because no one was going to believe us later."

In the audio recording, Ellis suggests he can approve her application if she has an affair with him, but warned Kim not to tell her boyfriend.

"He might try to make trouble and say, `Oh yeah, this guy she fucked was a judge. She fucked him and that's why she is fucking him and that's why he said yes'," Ellis said."
Good for Kim and her boyfriend in recording this Corrupt Judge!! With all of this Corruption running rampant across this country of ours, I wouldn't be surprised if ALL people started recording their interactions with our Leaders and Public Servants...

As we've seen with the recent TTC public watchdog photo-journalism that's been going on, this seems to be the only way to get people's attention...


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