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Dirty Olympic Cops an Embarrassment to Canada..

(Image:  Vancouver City Hall and Olympic Flag)

Why? Why did they have to do this at the Olympics?? Did they truly have no concern for the embarrassment their stupidity was going to cause for Canada??

11 Games police officers removed for alleged misconduct
One officer charged with shoplifting, two under investigation by Vancouver police


“Eleven officers with the 10,000-member Integrated Security Unit police force providing security for the 2010 Olympics have been ordered to return home because of allegations of misconduct, including one senior officer charged with shoplifting and two police officers under investigation by the Vancouver police.

Staff Sergeant Suzanne Denise Marie Martel from Ottawa was charged with a single charge of theft under $5,000 over an alleged shoplifting incident in a retail store in Burnaby while off-duty.

Martel, a 19-year veteran was part of the 2010 ISU detachment composed of municipal and RCMP and Canadian military officers brought into Vancouver from various parts of the country. Seven police officers and four Canadian Forces officers have been sent home.

Coté said the other officers were sent back to their home detachments because of alleged misconduct. Those misconducts can range from not showing up for shifts on time to drunk and disorderly behaviour… There have been allegations of sex trade workers brought on the ship.”
Two RCMP officers investigated for sexual assault


“Two former members of the 2010 Olympic security force are being investigated for sexual assault, CTV News has confirmed. The two alleged assaults happened aboard a cruise ship where out-of-town security force members are residing during the Games. The suspects are RCMP officers. …The alleged incidents were apparently fuelled by alcohol.”

So let me get this straight. Police Officers from all over Canada, from the Municipal level, to the Federal Level, all the way to the Military, have members who have been shoplifting, skipping work, getting drunk, banging prostitutes and sexually assaulting people, all while representing us at the Olympics??

What a horrible, horrible shameful disgrace…

As if we didn’t already have enough drama going on around the Olympics, you know…

I mean, before the Olympics even began, we had protesters setting up shop, who’s entire goal was to destroy the Vancouver Olympics.. (

Then we had the poor Luge dude who died in that freak accident (, allowing the world to concoct a scandal around Canada not allowing other Countries to train here - a practice that every single country in the history of the Olympics has done.. (Yes, you too USA!) - being the cause of his death..

Next, the weather… Yes, they even blamed Canada for the weather!! The world loves that stereotype that we Canadians all live in a polar icecap of sort...  That we all go around in dogsleds from igloo to igloo, getting in a game of hockey on the way, and then finally ensuring to club a seal to eat for dinner when we get home.  Based on that, one would think that they would be as surprised as we are at the weather Vancouver is having.. (And damn, 10 degrees in Feb!! Gives me something to think about over here in Toronto, you know..)

Add on top of that the Australians whining about our first Canadian Gold Medal win (… And the British calling our Olympics "the worst Games ever" ( Not to mention, our own Canadian public and press bitching about everything from the Opening Ceremonies (, to the TV coverage (…

The number of obstacles our Olympics have already had so far trying to destroy it, is ridiculous.

And now, our supposed “finest” go and disgrace us with their corruption at a time when the entire world is watching us closely??!!

You know what, as much as I hate to say it, I’m not surprised..

Over the past month leading up to the Olympics, we’ve seen many examples of Police Corruption across Canada.

We had the Vancouver Police Department severely beating up the neighbour of a suspect they were looking for, in a case of mistaken identity (

We had the Winnipeg Police Force getting caught on tape beating and repeatedly tasering a guy who they claimed was resisting arrest. But when the tape was reviewed, it showed he had already surrendered and was on the ground before they started the assault (

In Toronto, we’ve seen countless examples of Police Corruption, from Police Officers breaking suspects’ arms while they were in custody (, to our Judges letting off dirty Cops -who were collecting Protection Money from local drug dealers, due to “excessive delays” in their case (, to our Ontario Police Commissioner being charged with “attempting to influence municipal officials” (…

Most recently, we’ve even heard about the Commander of a Canadian Air Force Base being charged with being a Serial Rapist and Killer… Who also had ties to Paul Bernardo, Canada’s most infamous Serial Killer (…

So really, when you think about it, we actually should have expected something like this to happen, no?

It’s just unfortunate that this corruption had to show its ugly face at the Olympics. News of this ISU Police Corruption is on newsstands and news sites everywhere now..

San Francisco Chronicle - 11 Olympic security officers ousted for misconduct

Los Angeles Times - 11 members of Olympic security task force sent home for misconduct; police probe 2 cases

MSNBC - 11 Olympic security officers sent home

Washington Post - 11 Olympic security officers ousted for misconduct

NY Times - 11 Olympic Security Officers Ousted for Misconduct

You know, if this isn't a strong enough wake-up call for Canada to rid its Police Forces of this virus of corruption that's infected every level of policing in the country, then I truly don't know what would be...

I guess we’ll find out soon enough based on the global response to this latest controversy, and the pressure that’s applied as a result.


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