Thursday, February 4, 2010

And yet another Corrupt OPP Cop...

OPP officer charged with breach of trust


"ORILLIA, Ont. — Ontario Provincial Police have arrested and charged one of their own officers with breach of trust. The force says the charge against 28-year-old Const. Muharem Krdzalic deals with alleged disclosure of confidential information. The OPP's Professional Standards Bureau alleges the information was passed to an unauthorized person."

God, it's almost depressing how I can find at least 1 new article about Corrupt Police (either in Toronto, Ontario or Canada) almost every single day.

I mean, at the beginning it was so satisfying seeing that my opinions and presumptions about how Corruption in our Police Forces, Government and Justice System, were all true and I had evidence of it day after day after day after day. But now, after so many articles after such a short time... It's getting to be sad and almost scary..


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Anonymous said...

You have no ideal what really goes on at some Detachments of the OPP. Not all are bad but a few bad apples do get through...OPP seems to have the most, they are the one's with the MOTO :"I have a badge and can do what I want and get away with it".
I used to work for one Eastern OPP satelitte station, I have met some pretty arrogant officers.Trust Me ALL they care about is the pay check.Nothing else...

Anonymous said...

Opp shooting of man with knife at maitland ontario is murder being swept under the rug. woman who witnessed incident refused to make comment.
what about the tasers these police needed so badly. this was the perfect scenario to use this non fatal tool. this is not the first questionable incident of this kind. the public needs to pull their heads out of the sand and realize you cannot trust the police.

Anonymous said...

The true beauty of the Internet is that it is public and it is permanent. I encourage the readers to Google the ‘Ontario Provincial Police Block’ and educate yourself about a wide variety of instances of abuse of authority, infringement of Charter rights, violations of federal and provincial statutes, corruption, incompetence and unsustainable policing costs in the OPP. The information that is out there the OPP can no longer hide!