Friday, February 26, 2010

IOC Looking to Eliminate Women's Hockey after Canada wins Gold

Yes, it's true!

Just seconds after the Canadian Women's team captured the Gold Medal in Hockey tonight, we heard that IOC President Jacques Rogge issued a threat that Womens Hockey's days are numbered if other countries don't improve their game...

Here's the story:

IOC issues women's hockey warning


"IOC president Jacques Rogge said prior to Thursday’s gold-medal game that women’s hockey has to improve worldwide, or else.

“We cannot continue without improvement,” he said.

Women’s hockey at the Vancouver Olympics has played out basically the same way it did in the previous three Games. Canada and the U.S. dominated, and the rest of the teams were cannon fodder. Even before Rogge spoke out yesterday, there were whispers the IOC was going to look into the viability of the sport."
You know, it's the one sport that we dominate in, and now the IOC is looking to discontinue it... I mean, if we discontinued every sport where one Country dominated in it, we'd lose a ton of sports...

Give the other countries a chance at least to grow the sport... 12 years is just not enough time for the world to catch up..

As per wikipedia:

"Ice hockey is one of the fastest growing women's sports in the world, with the number of participants increasing 350 percent in the last 10 years"
If that isn't enough proof that the sport should stay, then I don't know what is...


PS:  Congrats Ladies!!  You did us all proud!!  Ignore that idiot IOC President... I bet if it were Belgium that were dominating in Womens hockey (and not Canada and the USA), he'd be keeping his mouth shut...


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the Women’s Hockey team, they are INSPIERING to watch (and it has truly been an honor for me to watch them).
It would be robbery to take the Olympics away from them, based on the fact that they are the best!!!

YES the rest of the world needs to catch up, but (as the author of this blog as pointed out), women’s hockey is a new sport that is at the brink of being more developed world wide. To eliminate this sport during the brink of development does not make sense.

How else are we going to get these other countries to support their women hockey players more, if we don’t pressure them with some good old fashion a** whopping???


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