Thursday, February 4, 2010

Fantino's Corrupt Crown Connections..

Charges against top cop Fantino dropped


Big surprise here!! As soon as I heard this story I immediately presumed Corruption.. Then I read this next version from the Toronto Sun, and had my presumptions confirmed.

Fantino’s dropped charge raises ire


"...The province’s Crowns first argued that the charge should not be laid, and when contradicted by a judge, took over the prosecution and then dropped the charge... An independent prosecutor from outside Ontario should have been brought in to go over the case... Otherwise, quite frankly, we’re going to wonder why he’s had Crown attorneys arguing on both sides of this case, we need objectivity."

So, to summarize, Fantino's Crown (that he has in his pocket) gets the charges dismissed originally. McHale takes it to the Supreme Court and gets the dismissal reversed. Then, the brilliant Justice System that we have decides that the right Crown to purse this now is the same Crown who dismissed the charges originally????

This is our Justice System working at it's finest!!

Now I understand why Fantino was always so confident about the case... He played our Justice System like a fucking harmonica!!

I guess my previous entry about Corrupt Crowns Cheating to win trials, also extends to getting your good-old-boy Cop buddies out of trouble as well. Who knows what else they are doing... It's scary to think about..

Anyway, at least McHale isn't giving up. I guess he knows how Corrupt our Justice System is, so he's planning to take this one up to the Supreme Court again. Good for him!

The funny thing to me is that even though this blatant corruption is going on right in front of peoples' eyes, still they don't accept it as truth.

I know it's a hopeless uphill battle, but I'll still take it on. I'll still show you the truth. Call me the truth-teller, cause that's what I am..

In the meantime, why don't we have a drink to the current and ongoing downfall of our Corrupt Society.



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