Saturday, February 6, 2010

TTC Driver Leaves Passengers Stranded..

In this latest story, another Heroic Public TTC Watchdog was involved in a heated argument with yet another driver who decided to take a break for Timmy's in the middle of a route.

TTC driver's coffee break stokes more rider anger


"The Toronto Transit Commission is dealing with yet another case of rider frustration after a bus driver was videotaped leaving his bus and taking what appears to be an unscheduled coffee break at Tim Hortons.

The video shows an unidentified driver step out of the coffee shop and walk into his bus, where he then confronts the passenger shooting the video.

An argument between the driver and the passenger ensues, and the driver then states that the bus is out of service."
So, firstly he goes for a coffee break in the middle of a route, right smack-dab in the middle of a TTC Customer Service Nightmare where TTC Spokespeople are trying their best to diffuse the situation. Then he "confronts" the poor rider who wanted evidence to report to the TTC of this Driver's violation. And lastly, he ends it all by angrily kicking everyone off of the bus mid-route, telling them that the bus is now out of service.

What a disgrace! And the poor innocent riders are the one's who have to suffer..

I mean, at this point, one would think that the TTC would at least have enough control over their employees to get them to obey the rules, at least until this thing blows over.. But no, that's not the case. These Drivers not only don't care about the public, but they don't care about TTC Management either. They appear to be purposely showboating that they are invincible, protected by the unpenetrable shield of the TTC Union.

This is Adam Giambrone's Leadership skills at their best!

And what's the TTC going to say about this one now? Huh? "Things like this shouldn't happen and we apologize for it. We are investigating it now and will ensure that it doesn't happen again"?? Yes yes, I believe that's exactly what we're going to hear.

You know, the TTC and it's sympathetic public defenders are so quick to jump onto the "you can't blame ALL TTC employees for the actions of one rider". Well, the way things are going, it seems that we need to reverse that statement and say, "just because a few TTC employees are honorable and solid, doesn't mean that they all are". That seems to be the more fitting statement now.


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