Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Giambrone Banging University Student on the side..

Well well Mr. Giambrone, now we're starting to see why the TTC and your Ward are both in shambles..

Maybe you should be focussing on your jobs (as TTC Chair and City Councilor), instead of trying to balance banging your "partner" (whatever that means), and banging random University Students in your office in City Hall.

And you know what they say. Where there's one mouse in the house, there are many!!


"Mayoral candidate Adam Giambrone admitted Monday night he had "an inappropriate relationship with a young woman.""

"His statement came after the Toronto Star asked him a series of questions about his relationship with university student Kristen Lucas, who said she had an intimate relationship with Giambrone for more than a year. Lucas, now 20, was 19 when she began dating Giambrone."
Apparently, as per this Lucas woman, Giambone's entire relationship with is supposed "partner" is all for political manipulation and is not real at all.

"She told the Star Giambrone had told her his live-in partner of many years – who's been at his side for public events during his fledgling mayoral bid – is there for "political" reasons."
In addition to his fake life, he also took the liberty of divulging confidential information about the TTC to his girlfriends and buddies so they could let everyone they know about the TTC Fare hike, and therefore could hoard their tokens far ahead of the announcement. After which he made sure that the regular public couldn't do the same..

"She alleged Giambrone revealed secrets relating to his work – "I knew a long, long time ago about the (TTC) fare hike".
We also get that confirmation that Giambrone is nothing but a Mini Miller considering David Miller like a God.
"[Lucas] shared his "negative" opinions of several councillors. She offered no details, but said Mayor "David Miller is like a god to Adam.""
Giambrone is a disgrace and a sham. Slowly everything is coming out. It shouldn't take much more before he is shamed out of the public light and out of Toronto entirely.


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Anonymous said...

It's clear that Adam Giambrone made a mistake- one which he has owned up to and apologized for. Who hasn't made a mistake?! The only difference is his mistake is in the public eye! This should not negate the fact that Councillor Giambrone has made some real improvements within the City and the TTC. He has some great ideas for city building that should not be ignored because of a personal mishap.

jackandcokewithalime said...

Well, where to start... Firstly, I definitely can't agree that Giambrone has made "some real improvements within the City and the TTC".

1. The TTC: The current state of the TTC is a prime example of what can happen in an organization with weak Leadership. The Union and the Employees are running around causing chaos like a chicken with it's head cut off. That "head" is Adam Giambrone, and he is nowhere to be found when it comes to the TTC lately.

2. The City: As shown at his Mayoral Candidacy Announcement Event, there were countless protesters outside who were members of his ward, and had nothing but horrible things to say about their Councillor Adam Giambrone. Saying things like "he doesn't care about our ward", and "he's ruined our area".

I'm sorry, but your statement about his "improvements" is nothing but fabrication and manipulation..

Now sure, if he had actually done anything of use for this city or the TTC, then yes, this personal mishap could have been ignored.. But unfortuantely for him, that's just not the case.

He is too focussed on his shady personal life of balancing multiple affairs and trying to make sure that the other person doesn't find out, that he's completely forgotten about his responsibilities to the TTC and to the population of Toronto.

The thing that really bothers the public though, moreso than the affair, is the fact that he considers all of us to be idiots. Having a "partner" for "political reasons"??? From what I can see, everything he says and has done has complete political motivation behind it, even his supposed Personal LIfe. I remember an article where he actually sat down with his "partner" and they lied right to the face of a reporter (and the city of Toronto) about their close and loving relationship...

It's all just Lies and Crap!

This just confirmed for me that he is exacly that, full of crap. I'm sorry, but I don't want a Mayor who does nothing but lie to the public. We already have a Premier who does that, and that's more than enough.

Adam Giambrone is lying scum who is useless at his job as a City Councillor and useless at his job as the TTC Chair.

He needs to be shamed non-stop until he willingly disappears.


PS: Sorry to disagree with you... I hope we can still be friends! ;)

Anonymous said...

i think the author of this blog should be shamed non-stop until he or she disappears from constantly posting in every comment section. perhaps the author should take a proactive stand on something rather than constantly complaining.

Yohan said...

I agree with Anonymous

jackandcokewithalime said...

My Condolences to you both on Giambrone's Mayoral Campaign... ;)


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