Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winnipeg Police Beating - Update

An update on the Corrupt Winnipeg Police Scum who beat and tasered that poor guy (who I accept is a criminal, but "poor" because nobody deserves to get a beating like that, especially when the video evidence showed that he was co-operating)..

Case could be made for lawsuit against city police: lawyer


Apparently, one of the Police Bullies, Const. Ryan Law, has a history of taking the "Law" into his own fists and taser (yes yes, the "Law" thing was cheesy... I couldn't resist.. But how do you like the "fists and taser" thing? Did it make up for it? No? Oh well...).

"His lawyer, Dan Manning, read in court police notes of the incident that claimed Bousquet "refused to obey" officer commands for him to surrender and he "continually swung at police." The officer who wrote those notes, Const. Ryan Law, already faces an assault charge related to the alleged beating of Henry Lavallee at the Public Safety Building in November 2008."

"..Notes submitted by Const. Law after the arrest do not appear to match the contents of the surveillance footage. He said Law's notes say Bousquet refused to obey, but the tape does not show that. I didn't see any evidence of him flailing around or refusing to give up his hands," the lawyer said. "I didn't see any evidence of him continually swinging at police. None of that."

"On the face of it, it appears that this is a classic case of excessive force used by officers," said Peter Biro, a partner with the Toronto firm WeirFoulds LLP, who has represented clients in half a dozen civil actions against Ontario police."

Yes yes, "half a dozen civil actions against the Ontario Police"...

Anyway, I hope this guy does look into suing the Winnipeg Police and milks them for as much as he can get. Also, I hope that Ryan Law isn't the only Cop who goes down for this. There were at least 5 Cops there beating and tasering the poor guy. They all need to go down for this.. And by "go down", I mean being sent to Prison and put in Gen Pop.

I'll be watching this one and keeping you posted..


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