Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TTC Union Boss Bob Kinnear is a Manipulative Idiot...

Today TTC Union Boss Bob Kinnear responded to the current storm of controversy surrounding the TTC employees and their uselessness on the job.

He took shots at the Public for pointing out the TTC's failures (via photos/videos on the camera phones). He took shots at the Media for publishing these photos/videos. And he took shots at TTC Management, for trying to discipline the TTC employees for these failures.

It seems like Bob Kinnear is blaming everyone for the TTC's problems, except for the people who are actually failing, the TTC employees themselves...

Now, if that doesn't sound like a Manipulative idiot, then I don't know what is...

His full statement can be found here:


Lets look at a few of the things he had to say, and see if they make sense and are justified, as opposed to being manipulative dribble.

"Listen folks: Stop harassing people who are doing their jobs. Stop insulting them. Stop waving your phone cameras in their faces as you get on the bus or streetcar. Stop spitting on them. Stop calling them lazy and overpaid. Stop taking videos of drivers when they stop for a washroom break. We’re entitled to washroom breaks, like any human being should be. Harassing people about this by taking their pictures is an affront to human dignity and a violation of simple decency."
Firstly, the TTC workers aren't "doing their jobs", and that's why they're being harassed. Secondly, we will continue to wave our camera phones in their faces, as that's the only thing that's getting them to do their jobs as well as it's the only thing that's getting the TTC's attention.

This is the only way WE can fix the system, since YOU couldn't do it yourselves.

Third, stop pretending like this is only about the washroom breaks. The actual washroom break for an emergency is not something that the public is upset about. We're upset about the coffee break you take while supposedly going to the washroom for an emergency. We're upset about the personal banking you go and perform while supposedly going to the washroom for an emergency. We're upset about the smoke you have, while supposedly going to the washroom for an emergency.

Alright, lets not pollute our complaints with your crap about us getting pissed about the washroom break. I mean, how dare you claim that the public is so insensitive that we would cause drama around you taking a bathroom break?? You know that's not the issue here, and yet you throw it out as a red herring to get our attentions off of your true failures!!

Here's an idea for you, how about you treat the TTC employee crybabies like babies. Before they head out on a route, ask them if they have to pee. Ask them if they have to do number 2. And if they do, get them to do it there at the station. Lets not allow them to use this routine where they have excuses to go and do things in the middle of a route, all under the guise of washroom breaks. Alright bud?

He then goes on and on and on about the fairness of allowing the Drivers to use the washroom... As if we've told them that they shouldn't be allowed to do so. Nice Manipulation here... All of it is just Yak Yak Yak Crap! There's a time and place for washroom breaks (outside of emergencies), and the middle of a route is not one of them. Do you get it??? Am I clear enough for you?

"Oh, the drivers are scared now to use the washroom.. They could get urinary infections if they don't go to the washroom..." Yak Yak Yak...

Gimme a break... Why are you forcing us to have to PARENT these Drivers??...

Moving on...

"There was a picture of a collector reading a newspaper. And there are plenty of anecdotes of rude or uncommunicative collectors and operators, although we always only have one side of those stories.

The union is not disputing that in a population of thousands of workers, you’re going to find individuals who are a wee bit less than perfect some days, or some even a lot less than perfect. We’re human beings and human beings have bad days. Maybe they’re not feeling well. Maybe they’ve got family problems. Maybe the person just before you has insulted them and they haven’t gotten over it right away. Or maybe they’re not suited to this kind of work.

Having said all that, I want to assure the public that the union takes all the criticism of our members very seriously and we want to do something significant to address it."
So, first you make a bunch of excuses for the TTC Employees' failures like they had a bad day, they have family problems and yada yada Crap. And then you state that the union takes all criticisms seriously and will do something siginicant to address it????

Really? I mean, didn't anyone read his speech before-hand? His blatant hypocracy is a joke and discredits everything he's saying...

If you really do take criticism seriously, then stop accepting it and giving BS excuses for these useless failing employees. You've had many examples lately of TTC failure where you said you would investigate. Where's the accountibility? What happened to these violating Employees? What punishment (if any) was handed out? How did you fix the situation? Oh, you don't want to tell us??? It's a private matter, is it? Yes yes, you really are taking the criticisms seriously..

"This email was unfair in the extreme. Mr. Webster actually blames all employees - several times- for all the recent troubles."
Well, maybe then you can explain how employees caught napping during shifts is NOT a TTC Employee caused problem? Or how being rude to Customers is NOT a TTC Employee caused problem?? Or how Drivers leaving the bus mid-route to grab a coffee or to do some personal banking, is NOT a TTC Employee caused problem...

TTC Employees are not responsible for ALL problems, but they are responsible for many of them.

And frankly, as a member of the public, I really don't GIVE A DAMN about who's responsibility it is. I just know that the TTC is at fault. Showing us that Management can't work with the Union just furthers our negative opinions of you, and also confirms that it really is chaos over there with nobody truly in control.

"Nor does he even once mention that TTC operators have often difficult and demanding jobs and go to work every day not knowing whether they are going to be insulted or assaulted."
Wah Wah Wah!!! The TTC Employees signed up for this job, they get overpaid and are given superior benefits for this job, they have hardcore vacation time and sick/stress leave for this job, and then they dare to complain about dealing with the public?? The sole purpose for them getting all of the extras that they do??? Wow, dillusional until the end!

"It is certainly not worthy of a business leader who is raking in nearly $300,000 a year."
Whoa whoa whoa!!! $300,000 a year, for mismanaging this useless union and their employees??!!! It just scares me to think how much ALL of these TTC Management and Employees are pulling in a year!!! No wonder there's fare increases all the time and constant needs for more and more funding every year... If anything is out of control at the TTC, it's the salaries!!! That's the first thing that needs to be cleaned up.

"So we are going to initiate a series of town hall meetings across this city at which rank and file transit workers can meet and talk with TTC customers about how we can work together to improve services and build a high level of mutual respect and support. We will not include TTC management in these town hall meetings. This will be between ourselves and our customers."
So, now you want to create even more beauracracy and delays with these "Town Hall meetings" to talk about the issues that we've already pointed out to you?? Here's an idea, how about you stop setting up meetings to talk about it, and just fix the problems!!! This is what we like to call, "Analysis Paralysis". Just constantly talking about the problems and not doing anything about them. The TTC is great at that (not to mention the Ontario and Toronto Governments!)..

Overall, I'd say that his whole statement was bullshit. It had nothing productive to add to the situation, and in all honesty, we could have gone to the TTC Employees' Facebook page and got more useful rhetoric.


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Paul MacDonald said...

you have no idea what you talk about.
Bob Kinnear may be alot of things, but an idiot is not one of them.

Anonymous said...

so you can go to the washroom before a shift of driving and thats it for the day?---------what a retard yu are for even saying that


Anonymous said...

Bob might be an idiot but you take the prize buddy ...what are adding to your coke with lime??

Anonymous said...

Forgot to take your meds with your coke and lime?

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