Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Khabibulin gets Nailed for DUI in Arizona..

He was apparently speeding in a black Ferrari doing 70 in a 45, when he got pulled over in a rich area of Scottsdale, AZ..

When the officer came over, he tried to pull the "I only had one glass of wine" maneuver... I guess it didn't work.. (Does it ever??)

Why don't these athletes and celebs get drivers when they go out partying??  I mean, day after day after day, they get booked for DUIs... They make so much money, they could just hire someone to drive them everywhere, and it would be nothing to them...  There's no excuse..

For more details, here's the story:

Oilers' Khabibulin arrested on DUI



PS: The Black Ferrari in the picture is just a random Black Ferrari (and not necessarily the one that he was driving)... I just thought it looked awesome, so I included it...



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