Monday, February 8, 2010

TTC Employees are Nothing but Spoiled Crybabies

So, it appears that the TTC crybabies have launched a Facebook group which is their attempt at getting back at the Public (their Customers), the TTC Management, and the Media.

TTC workers fight back


"TTC employees launched a Facebook group listing their frustrations with the public, the media and a management many say isn’t doing its job. The site, Toronto Transit operators against public harassment, also includes photos of the litter, beer bottles, graffiti and window etchings left behind by passengers on subway cars. There’s even a picture of a passenger riding with his feet on subway seats."

So the poor poor TTC workers are upset that the public, the TTC Management and the Media are now publicly noting their constant failures and uselessness on the job.. Are they suddenly getting pressure to shapen up? Their spokespeople are tired of having to give false excuses day after day after day, and are now pointing the finger back at them? No more doing whatever they want, whenever they want with no recourse whatsoever?

Oh poor TTC Drivers and Ticket Collectors who get paid a fortune, have the best benefits possible, and a job that's such a "yawn" (quoting a TTC employee) where they frequently fall asleep, and feel justified to do so... How horrible they have it..

It sounds to me like these spoiled little crybabies need a dose of reality, most properly given with a sound spanking!

How dare they even try to compare the Customers with themselves!! Are they dillusional? They get paid to do a job and are expected to perform at a certain level. Now, the Customers on the other hand, have not been interviewed, approved by the union and trained in order to use the bus. They are the CUSTOMERS!!!! It's not the same and they need to stop pretending that it is!

Customers come in all shapes and forms, from the many mentally ill riders who use the bus daily, to the homeless folks who need to get around, to the students who need to get to class, to the business people who need to get downtown to work. There are no requirements for them to be able to ride. And most importantly, they are paying far more than they should be for a fare on this garbage transit system, mainly because of the super-inflated wages the employees are getting paid.

Obviously they've never heard of, or been expected to adhere to, the most basic of Customer Service job mottos, that the Customer is always right.

This is exactly what's wrong with the TTC today.

They expect to get paid, regardless of whether there are Customers coming in the door or not. And therefore, they would prefer that there were no Customers, as they can then just take breaks all day, take some naps, have a few smokes, read the paper and then go home.. They can even scam a few hours of overtime on that so they can buy that boat they've always wanted, to go along with the cottage in Muskoka.

I mean, you know there's something wrong with society when a Bus Driver is making more than some Medical Doctors and Lawyers... -Even Teachers for that matter..

And their response to this great setup that they have is to whine and cry like little spoiled babies???

Anyway, I just think it's rather rediculous that they would complain about the Customers... As if that kind of behaviour should not be expected from a public people. I mean, this makes as much sense as Prison Guards complaining that they have to deal with criminals all day. When you sign up for a job, you are taking on that job and everything it entails.

Somewhere along the line, the TTC got so spoiled that they decided they were above the implications of dealing with the public.

And if they have even the slightest notion that posting pictures of Customers putting their feet on the seats, or taking pictures/video of them violating their policies will gather any kind of sympathy for them, then they truly must be lost spoiled little babies in a cold cold world that's soon gonna spank the reality into them.


PS:  The "Toronto Transit operators against public harassment" facebook group page can be found at the link below (in case you want to have a few laughs like I did):


Here's the group's description:

"This is a group where Operator's can give suggestions on how to fight back to the recent photo and video harassment from passengers just looking to make trouble for us. And post photo's of your own of passengers breaking the rules."
Heh heh, there are so many things that are wrong with this statement that I don't even know where I would start. I mean it's so obvious, that I don't even feel like I need to get into it.

You know what, I'll take that description as a sign of progress.

If by posting our photos and videos of the TTC employees screwing up, we, the public are "making trouble" for them, then I believe that that means that we are gaining ground. We just need to keep it up, keep those pictures and videos coming, and get this system fixed. We obviously couldn't depend on Miller or Giambrone to fix it, and as such we've taken this into our own hands. I actually feel that the TTC Management, though they will never admit to it, feel that we are doing them a favour by exposing this. They're so powerless at this point, that they'll take any kind of help that they can get to turn this sinking ship around.

--jackandcokewithalime (ok, now I'm done)


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