Saturday, February 13, 2010

Ontario Provincial Court Condones Racism

Court in uproar over racism sentence
Victim arrested after man who attacked Asian anglers jailed 2 years


“Emotions erupted in the Newmarket courthouse Friday as a Sutton man was sentenced to two years less a day in jail for a racist attack on Asian anglers, and one of the victims – upset at the light sentence – wound up handcuffed and arrested.”

Yes yes, Ontario Superior Court Justice Alfred Stone decided that Trevor Middleton, the epitome of racism in Canada, deserved 2 years in jail for gathering a group of his KKK-worthy friends and severely assaulting a group of Asian fishermen in an ongoing practice called “nip tipping”.
Let’s review exactly what happened again, and see if the punishment fit the crime.

Lake push set off chain of events, court hears
Collision ensued; Asian anglers allegedly targeted by '15 to 20' youth


“When Georgina Township youth Trevor Middleton and a group of his friends set out for a night of partying two years ago, they were intent on "nip-tipping" -- a racist term for pushing Asian fishermen into the cold waters of Lake Simcoe.

Assistant District Attorney Amit Ghosh argued that Mr. Middleton led a group of between 15 and 20 friends on Sept. 16 around 2 a.m. to the shores of Lake Simcoe in Sutton…”

“Middleton, along with pals attacked the seven Toronto fishermen at a lake north of the city, pushing two in the water and injuring two others by ramming their car 20 times with Middleton’s pickup truck.”
“One of the occupants [of the rammed car], Shayne Berwick, ended up in a coma for three months and suffered permanent brain damage. He is confined to a wheelchair and will not be testifying.”
So, to summarize, Middleton and his gang of KKK-worthy buddies, decided after getting wasted that night that they were going to go looking for some non-white fishermen to assault, as apparently, that’s what they do for fun over there in Georgina.  Upon arriving in Sutton, they found a group of 7 fishermen from Toronto who fit the description, and next, like a scene right out of the racist 50s, they grabbed the non-white members of the group, assaulted them, and threw them into the lake.

Then, when these poor innocent Torontonians tried escaping for their lives, they were chased down by Middleton in his Ford F-150 until they ended up crashing into a tree, ejecting 2 of the passengers out of the Honda Civic. Not only did Middleton cause the accident, but afterwards, he decided that he would ram their car further and further into the tree an additional 20 times! (So many times that an imprint of the Honda Civic’s rear license plate was visible on the front grill of Middleton’s truck)

The result of this vicious and racist assault was that one of the occupants of the Honda Civic ended up with irreparable brain damage, was in a coma for 3 months, and now is confined to wheelchair for the rest of his life.

And Middleton’s punishment for this heinous hate-crime??? 2 years in prison.

I guess according to Ontario Provincial Court Justice Alfred Stone, a horrifying assault based on the premise of racist hate, barely deserves a slap on the wrist…

His justification:

“In sentencing Middleton, the judge noted that he had no criminal record before a jury found him guilty of four counts of aggravated assault and two counts of criminal negligence causing bodily harm.

The judge also noted that Middleton, a professional motorcycle racer, was only 20 at the time of the attacks.”
So, he had no criminal record prior to this case and he was only 20 years old… This was his justification for letting this racist scum off with only 2 years in prison...  Yeah, sounds like some racist 'good old boys club' - "come on, he's just a kid, let him off. Who cares about those damn "nips" anyway?" - type of crap that supposedly no longer exists in Canada.


For a person who is filled with such racist hate, I’m sure that he’s been in trouble with the law before… He’s just never been charged and convicted (and you can definitely thank his corrupt local police force for that…).


He’s only 20 years old??!!!! How old do you have to be for Justice Alfred Stone to not consider your age as a reason for your ignorance and stupidity?? At 20, you are old enough to vote, old enough to drink, old enough drive and old enough to gamble, but apparently, he wasn’t old enough to realize that his actions were wrong and racist??

I’m sorry, but his reasoning is nothing but utter and complete racist-violence condoning BS.

Even if this case had nothing to do with racism, when a person uses their Truck as a weapon and chases down innocent people causing them to crash into a tree, and then repeatedly rams his Truck into their smashed car with the full intent of killing them (resulting in severely injuring the occupants, causing brain damage and permanent disability), there is no way in hell that that person gets away with only 2 years in prison.

That is, if you are anywhere in the world that’s not Ontario.

Provincial Court Justice Alfred Stone has embarrassed and shamed all Ontarians and Canadians with his weak and reckless sentence for the racist Trevor Middleton.

He has shown the world -especially during a time when Canada has the world’s attention, that though we have the most multicultural population globally, at heart and undercover, our Leaders still condone - and unfortunately basically promote - Racism.


(Images taken from: (Middleton) (KKK))


IshDunThinkSo said...

yeah it is sickening that he gets two years for this.

Unknown said...

how when he didint do it i was in jail with him on the same range and that kid is far from racist
he is a good kid get out soon trev from ben

jackandcokewithalime said...

Ben, I think the victims of his attacks would beg to differ with you... It was even his F-150 that was used in the attack..

It's hard to argue with the evidence..

He really should have gone away for much much longer than 2 years..


Preston said...


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It embodies the idea of how the smallest of acts can have such a profound effect on each of our lives.

Anonymous said...

Well Said Preston; I completely agree.

Its very sad how people can excuse hatered and anger (Ben)

Anonymous said...

Hey Ben, did Trevor Ben-d over for you in the can? Is he that "good" of a 20-something year old kid? Did he suck you off good? Nice...convicts sticking up for convicts - very credible character witness. I really don't expect Ben to understand my last few sentences - just thought I'd share my take among millions of others with everyone that can read and write.

Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but there is something that is being ignored, and that is motive.

First, I'm going to preface my comments by saying this punk deserves to be charged with attempted murder. There is no excuse, there is nothing redeeming about an individual who would willfully ram a vehicle 1/3 his owns size multiple times.

That being said, these punks weren't targeting "non-white" fishermen...they were targeting Asian fishermen. And no one is asking why. The reason is there is a serious problem with poaching by Asian restauranteurs and suppliers from China town. The refrigerated cube vans with Chinese writing from China town have been seen many times late at night driving from the lake, while many locals, aware of the situation, will tell you of walking up behind Asian fishermen, speaking in English, confronting them for their fishing licenses, and suddenly the Asian fishermen pretend not to understand and protest, "No English, no English!". Unfortunately, some of these said redneck morons have taken it upon themselves to apply their version of justice.

Again, anyone who can inflict this level of violence upon someone else, regardless of reason, needs to spend a long, long time in jail. But this isn't merely the result of "some racist town". There is more to this story. And it's unfortunate that these guys from Toronto had to suffer because of some mental midget who became judge and jury.

Anonymous said...



trevor is a good kid...and not racist at all!!!

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Anonymous said...

Finally someone who got the story right. This article is b.s almost every word of it.