Sunday, February 21, 2010

Dirty Durham Cop Assaulted his Wife and Bullied the Public..

Well, well, well...

So now it's coming out that the Durham Cop who beat up those poor teenagers on Super Bowl Sunday, also beat up his wife as well..

Cop charged with assault on wife

"A muscle-bound, veteran Durham cop who allegedly beat up two teen boys on Super Bowl Sunday also stands accused of assaulting his wife 18 months ago, the Sun has learned.

The Sun was flooded with calls and e-mails from readers who have had run-ins with the 41-year-old copper in Durham Region, several of whom claim to still be terrified of him years later.

Now the Sun has also confirmed Odei is also before the courts for an assault charge involving a domestic incident with his now estranged wife, Charmaine Cruz, that occurred in August of 2008."
So, not only is this guy going around and beating up innocent kids on the streets (like he has something to prove)... But then when he goes home at night, he beats on his poor wife as well -who's only mistake was marrying this dirty cop scum???

What a disgrace... (God, you know things are bad when I'm using the word "disgrace" in almost every single post...)

Apparently, this guy has been has been intimidating and terrorizing everyone in his jurisdiction for years.. The Sun reported that there have been numerous complaints about him, ranging from him beating up innocents with his Cop buddies, to him harassing 14-year old girls in the local mall..

After all of these allegations, it's a wonder why he's never been charged before... Yes yes, a real wonder..


PS: Maybe if he wasn’t on the ROIDS, he wouldn’t be so crazy… Jeez, don’t they test for those things? I mean, how dangerous is it having a psychotic nut-job on ROID RAGE out there with a badge and a gun, you know what I mean?..

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