Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Cell Phone Ban Update - Stats in Toronto after 7 days..

So, it looks like some cell phone ban stats for Toronto (for the first 7 days of the law being in effect) are out from the Toronto Police...

Cell calls prove costly

"1,499 people charged across the city during the first seven days of the new distracted-driver legislation. Traffic Services Sgt. Tim Burrows said the Toronto numbers show an encouraging compliance rate, considering a recent week-long seatbelt blitz in the city netted 6,003 tickets despite seatbelt laws being on the books for decades."
So, 1,499 people got nailed for it eh! Wow.. I know I've been trying to be really careful about this one...

I still have a habbit though of just answering the phone and bringing it to my ear... Or just grabing the phone and starting to dial.. And then all of a sudden I realize that , "oh shit! handsfree, handsfree!!"... I just know I'm gonna get nailed one day in that split-second when I forget!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ASIDE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
The funny thing is (for me) that I actually went out and bought a damn bluetooth ear piece in prep for this new law. And after having it for a few months, I lost it like a week before the new law kicked in.... I know it's somewhere in my car (I'm sure of it!!!), but damn it, that's the problem with these little things, isn't it??

With this new law, now I have to add yet another item to my set of items that I take along with me everyday... Lets see, my normal checklist before leaving the houses is:

1. Wallet
2. Keys (Car set and Home set)
3. Smokes and Lighter (yes yes... I know...)
4. Cell Phone

And now, bluetooth...  That's 5 separate things!!!

Anyway, I've been getting by in the car by using the speakerphone in the Blackberry, which works pretty well when the radio is off and the windows are closed.

But at some point, I will have to find that damn bluetooth!!

And every time I hear that "du-na" sound of a new email, I have to find the power to resist wanting to look at it, especially when stopped at a light.. :)

Anyway, back to the point of this entry..

So, in addition to the 1,499 Torontonians who got nailed for using their cell phone while driving, was the even more interesting stat on the drivers who got nailed for driving without wearing a seatbelt!! I've been so trained on that one that I just put on my seatbelt without thinking these days... Though, that only applies when I'm in the front.. When at the back, I just pretend when required...

Yeah, like you don't!!


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